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About Us

MDfx was established to meet the needs of major top-end developers who required fully integrated systems that buyers could use with ease, are reliable and can be trusted to work without fault. MDfx not only achieved these goals but in the process has also become one of the leading home automation companies in the UK.


At MDfx, we believe that a hands-on approach is the best way to gain a greater understanding of the systems we provide. We achieve this by giving our home automation installation and management teams their own personal control systems, which enables them to experience and understand them from the user’s perspective. We also regularly participate in industry and supplier training.


Having established ourselves as one of the most efficient and bespoke smart home installation companies the UK, we have been recognised for our work, winning awards for our high standards and the creativity of our services. Most recently, we won the Control4 awards at the Integrated Systems Exhibitions (ISE) in Amsterdam, where we were one of the only AV dealers in Europe to walk away with more than one award.

Aftersales & Care

We design and install all of our systems to operate with efficiency, without fault, and in a way that makes them easy to use and understand. With that said, we do host training sessions to ensure that our clients get the best out of their system and are able to familiarise themselves with all of its functions. In addition to providing our bespoke “quick-start user guide”, which includes all the manuals you need and your guarantee, we are also available on the phone in case you require additional information or have any queries about your system.

Meet the Team

At MDfx, we strive to provide our clients with the most advanced and bespoke home automation technology. But it’s the dedication, ingenuity and expertise of our team (combined, we have over 100 years of industry experience!) that sets us apart from our competitors and makes us one of leading the smart home installation companies in the UK, nay, in Europe!



With an extensive background in Systems Architecture, Marvin co-founded MDfx with Simon to deliver intelligently designed and robust smart home automation installations and solutions.



Before he and Marvin co-founded MDfx, Simon started his career as an engineer and climbed up the ladder to become a lead programmer. Thanks to his experience and knowledge of both fields, he is very much the brains behind our innovative, user-friendly systems.



Richard is one of our highly skilled senior engineers and lives and breathes automation, so much so that he spends a great deal of his spare time making his home as smart as possible. Who said it’s not beneficial to take your work home with you?



As MDfx’s “King of Process”, Dave is a key linchpin in delivering smart solutions and innovative problem-solving for even the most complex systems. His in-depth knowledge and creative engineering skills make him a vital asset and resource for home automation installation.



Having originally joined the team as a lead programmer, Ted is now a project manager, enjoying the mix of client liaison and seeing projects through to fruition. His dual role at MDfx allows us to benefit from his vast technical know-how as well as his communicative and interpersonal prowess.



Andy is our business development manager and has been involved in home automation design since 2005. He is constantly looking for innovative ways to enhance everyday life and improve building performance with modern technology, making him an essential and highly valued member of the MDfx team.



Luci’s key role is running the office and keeping us updated at all times. To most people, this would be a task too tough to handle, but Luci manages exceptionally well and has proved to be a valuable member of our team.

Our Customers Say

We also work closely with studioAV – specialists in world class hi-fi and home cinema systems. The team at studioAV are constantly exploring the global market for upcoming technologies to ensure their customers receive the very best audio and visual experience. Find out more.

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