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light illuminated in dark room

Smart lights: 5 questions to ask your installer

Lighting is a criminally underrated aspect of home automation. The difference between poor lighting and smart lighting is the difference…

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Inside luxury home with complete cinema design

3 Home Cinema Design Trends that Will Inspire You

We enjoy all our home automation projects here at MDfx, but there’s no point in hiding it: home cinema installation…

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perimeter fence around property

Is a perimeter alarm system the best way to protect your home?

Any smart home security system worth its salt should include a perimeter alarm. By securing your home’s perimeter you can…

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security guard standing while on phone

How to Install a Texecom Intruder Alarm and Protect Your Family

When it comes to protecting your family against intruders, there is a range of different alarm manufacturers to choose from.…

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Image of contemporary apartment with smart windows

What Are Smart Windows and How Can They Protect Your Home?

A “smart window” can mean a couple of different things, depending on who you’re talking to. The best thing to…

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