MDfx Within's

Home Cinema Design And Installation

We design the ultimate home cinemas for you and your family. Enjoy your favourite films in spectacular surroundings with your very own bespoke home cinema. We can design the perfect space to integrate your audio-visual technology and blend it seamlessly into the style of your home.
Our Home Cinema Rooms are designed to delight. With over 100 years combined experience we are able to confidently create cutting-edge home theatre solutions that entertain all your senses, from individually calibrated sound systems to bespoke mood lighting, from customised finishes to full-motion seating to offer a true 4D experience.

We collaborate with you to create a cinema room that matches your style and budget. Our extensive expertise qualifies us to provide a seamless solutions every time.

What MDfx Can Offer You

Acoustic treatment interiors, finishes, Starlight ceilings, Automated mood lighting with preset scenes so you can set the right vibe, speakers calibrated to sound how you want them – have any crazy ideas? We’d love to  try them! 


We install Air-Conditioning and Air-Source heating. Comes with it’s own app where you can schedule systems on and off or adjust temperature according to your liking.

Lighting Control

Integrating your lighting & environment controls allows you to maximise automation, pressing one button to trigger room scenes.


MDfx provide you with the entire shading solution—the shade itself, electronic drives, controls, power supplies, and hardware—ensuring the highest-quality products and a satisfying customer experience.

HD TV Screens

Picture quality - like the director intended. We use best in class projectors to reproduce your picture.


Fully immerse yourself in our top of the range sound system, taking your home cinema experience the next step with fully immersive 360º audio.

Signature Seating

A truly home cinema experience with comfortable cinema seating. Choose seating to match your room with a wide range of fabrics, leathers and materials.

MDfx Within Bespoke Home Cinema Design & Installation big screen acoustic panels and bespoke seating
MDfx Within Bespoke Home Cinema Design & Installation big screen acoustic panels and bespoke seating


All Our Home Cinemas Start Off At The Experience Centre, Choosing Interfaces, Hardware And Fabrics.​


Following On From A Solid Design MDfx Will Install Your Home Cinema And Bring Your Home Cinema Design To Life.​



Ongoing Support And Updates From Our London Design office. Providing You With Telephone Support And Onsite Support.