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Lutron is a US-based company that’s passionate about the application of technology. It is  motivated by the people it works with, much like our team here at MDfx. The ideology and quality of its lighting make it a great product for us to support. It’s the reason we have become a leading experienced Lutron installer.

Over the course of 50 years of innovation, Lutron has expanded its product offering from two products to 15,000. It has invented thousands of new and invaluable lighting control devices and systems. Its passion for the advancement of technology, coupled with its dedication to impeccable quality and design, has allowed Lutron to maintain a top market position for several decades. In doing so, it continues to lead the market in bespoke lighting controls for fluorescent, LED, halogen, incandescent and low-voltage light sources.


Save Energy

In an era where we rely on technology so heavily for many aspects of everyday life, as well as our careers, the need for energy efficiency is more important than ever. Lighting can account for around 10% of your home’s annual electricity usage, and anywhere up to 40% for commercial properties. Saving money wherever possible is essential for both short-term and long-term financial success. Lutron lighting saves energy without sacrificing convenience or style.

Enhance Convenience and Comfort

Whether you’re at home relaxing or in the midst of a busy day at work, it’s vital to design and adapt your surroundings to suit your needs. Lighting is one of the more subtle aspects of your day, but it can have an enormous impact on your mood and wellbeing. Whether you need additional light to read a book or want to dim it down to use the computer or watch TV, Lutron lighting offers convenience and control. It allows us to design a smart home automation system that perfectly suits your needs.

Productivity and Efficiency

Workplaces tend to be overlit. Whether it’s due to concerns over safety or merely a lack of consideration. This can not only waste energy but also negatively impact employees productivity. Too much exposure to bright electric lights or daylight can make essential workplace tasks uncomfortable. Being able to adjust lighting to suit your needs throughout the day will enhance productivity and help to conserve energy.

Safety and Security

Once your system is fitted by a qualified Lutron installer, being able to control your lighting system efficiently is massively beneficial. It not only provides day-to-day convenience, but it also aids safety and security. Whether you need to connect lighting to your security systems or fire alarms, or create safe pathways in hallways at night, Lutron lighting is advantageous for security in both commercial and residential properties.


If you decide to use a Lutron system for your project, it pays to choose a Lutron installer carefully. Choose one that can demonstrate their work and can help you through the design. Lutron systems are incredible, but they are only as good as the installer you choose. As a Lutron UK installer we have access to the London Lutron experience centre where we can demonstrate the various systems to you.

Are you looking for an efficient and innovative lighting system? Lutron lighting combines high-quality products with creative problem-solving to accommodate a wide range of designs. Get in touch today to request a free consultation.

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