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Smart Home Automation

With MDfx, home automation is an easy and painless process. We have many levels of automation to suit your home and what you want to achieve. This might be a simple remote control for your home sound system, or a complex fully intelligent system that controls lighting, curtains and heating when you are away. Whichever solution you choose, our smart home systems seamlessly integrate with your home using a technological ecosystem that puts you in control.

Our advanced sound systems give you access to high-quality audio throughout your house. Whether you’re watching a film in your home cinema, listening to the radio in the shower, enjoying your favourite songs while relaxing in the garden or you have your party mix playing throughout the house, with MDfx, powerful, high-quality sound is always at your fingertips.

With our smart lights and window treatments, you can control the level of lighting throughout your home, adjusting it as you see fit. We can make sure your house is well-lit for all occasions and times of the day without you having to manually adjust light brightness, switch lights on and off, or close curtains and blinds in each room.

Smart home systems meet your needs and reflect your mood, constantly learning about your daily processes to improve how it works for you and your family. Speak to MDfx if you want to know more about improving the flow of your home with cutting-edge technology.

Smart Home Security Systems

If you’re searching for a smart home alarm system to increase the security of your home and belongings, we have a range of packages to suit every budget. We offer CCTV, monitoring, fingerprint reading for entry and many more options to keep your home secure. From a clever memorised system that turns lights on and off throughout the day to a fully comprehensive smart home security system, we can cover all of your home security needs.

Your home is your castle, and MDfx can create a technological fortress to keep it safe. Our modern solutions integrate seamlessly to make your home work better for you, while maintaining its unique character and aesthetic.

We can even install a fire alarm or complete fire safety system to keep your home safe while you are away and make it even more secure when you’re there. Our CCTV solutions are advanced, professionally installed and come with the option of a live-feed that you can monitor from anywhere.

Image of MDfx alarm system installed to residential property


If you work from home, we have a range of smart home systems that increase security. We can programme your home telephone to become an entry phone for your door and gate or install a special extension line from your office.

Do you want to create your own home communications network? We can install an elegant home intercom to save you from shouting up the stairs and keep you in touch with the people in your home effortlessly and conveniently.

With home networking, we can bring together all of your existing devices, making sure you stay in the loop, even when everyone’s doing their own thing. We can design a bespoke technological communication system for your home to suit your needs and those of your loved ones.

Would you like to find out how MDfx technology could increase your home security? Arrange a consultation to learn how smart home systems could work for you.

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