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Smart Heating Thermostat & Hot Water Timers

Smart Heating Thermostat

Swapping out of a thermostat, typically in a hallway, that deals with the whole property temperature will allow you to change the temperature of the house from a smartphone. But it won’t provide much more in the way of energy saving and comfort.

Installing a multi-zone smart heating thermostat system will make a property more comfortable, help to reduce energy use and is the ultimate in smart home automation solutions. A multi-zone heating system enables you to control the temperature in individual rooms. It will have a thermostat for each individual room, so you can set a different temperature for each. For instance, having the unused guest room at 16 degrees, while you enjoy the living room at a comfortable 21 degrees. That way not wasting energy on the guest room.

A good smart heating system also allows you to grab a smartphone, home or away, and change the temperature in any room. So if you are heading from your office in Kensington, back to your home in Beaconsfield, you can make sure the room is at a comfortable temperature, ready for your arrival. There’s the reverse too. If you are heading out and know you won’t be back for some time, you can turn the heating down.

Having a smart heating system allows you to change the timing schedules for each room individually. That way you can set different times for different rooms. For example, the bedrooms that are not used throughout the day set to 16 degrees and warmed ready for bedtime at 10 pm. Whilst the living room is used throughout the day and remains a comfortable 21 degrees until you go to bed.

Good heating systems will also anticipate roughly how long it’ll take to warm that room to the required temperature. That way the room is at the temperature, at the time requested. Excellent ones will take into account the external air temperature and hit that temperature with more accuracy.

Smart Hot Water Timer

At the very basic end, just spending time changing the hot water times to suit your lifestyle will help. A Smart Hot Water timer will make those times flexible and easily accessible. Meaning it’s no longer a chore to change them. Traditional timers are typically difficult to operate and are often hidden away in a cupboard. Some of us have never even seen them before. A smart timer will bring this facility to your smartphone instead.

When to Install Smart Heating

It is far easier to install a smart heating system during the early design phase. Where the wiring and plumbing can be planned around it. There are products available that can be fitted when it is no longer possible to run cables or change the plumbing. It does, however, limit your choices. It’s worth the effort either way, as both contribute to energy saving and have a huge impact on the comfort and energy use of your home, office or holiday home.


Heatmiser Smart Thermostat


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