Smart Home Automation

Smart Audio

MDfx home automation systems provide access to high quality music anywhere in the house, simply and quickly. You can be watching The Hobbit in the Home Cinema, listening to La Traviata in the living room, listening to Radio 2 in the shower, and The Rolling Stones in the garden or a party mix throughout the house. Alternatively, you might want to turn it all off without having to run round every room in the house. Our smart audio solutions can be controlled from one user interface as easily as making a call on your mobile phone.

Automated home cinema room with MGM logo featured on large screen

Home Cinema

Whether your own Home Cinema is a dedicated cinema room with a big screen projector and popcorn dispenser or simply your sitting room with digital surround sound through integrated speakers and a wall-mounted screen, it all needs planning and design. The room dimensions, the equipment you have and where it is situated, the furniture position and even the furniture’s size can all have significant impact on the sound or picture of your movie experience. All of our home automation equipment for your Home Cinema can be as discreet (or not) as you wish.

Home cinema with rollout projector screen

Smart Lights

Enjoy the ultimate in home automation, selecting lighting moods at the touch of a button for different settings; day, night, entertaining, romantic, or watching TV. Or simply upgrade to an accurate, stable dimming smart light system without buzzing and flickering, or light a pathway from drawing room to dining room. You can even dial into your home from a mobile phone to have a set scene ready for your arrival.

Image of modern garden in outside luxury London

Window Treatments

Whether it’s to protect your favourite artwork from sunlight, protect your privacy, or to control solar heat gain, MDfx will take on every aspect of furnishing your windows with a variety of automated drapes, blinds or shades, using whisper quiet home automation technology.

Skyward view of windows over clear blue sky