Smart Home Networking Solutions and Connectivity

Home Networking Solutions

In conjunction with a telephone system, complete home networking solutions have become a household ‘must-have’. With an MDfx network you will have the freedom to work or surf the internet from the kitchen, the study or even the garden. As we store more and more data, a well thought out network brings printers, photos, and music to your fingertips. With a remote connection set up for you, you can work from home as if you were sitting at your desk in the office. MDfx home networking solutions are designed to be simple to use, secure, and reliable.

Smart TV setup on countertop in kitchen


Internal intercom systems for the home are generally still overlooked when specifying residential requirements. With more people working from home, pay per view TV with broadband internet and multiple lines are often a necessity. Your telephone at home can be programmed to become a door-entry phone or even a simple extension line from your office. MDfx can specify and design an easy-to-use system based on your requirements now and for the future.

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