Smart Technology Design Packs

Why use a Smart Technology Design Pack?

If you’re looking to introduce smart technology to your property, to create a smart home, smart office or smart hotel, our smart technology design packs offer the simplest and quickest way of getting straight to the point.

It’s an opportunity to lean on over 100 years of MDfx experience where we focus on what you’d like to achieve and why.

It’s a zero sales, zero pressure approach that provides independent advice and ideas that transform ordinary spaces into exceptional experiences. Within a budget you set.

What’s included in a Smart Technology Design pack?

The smart technology design pack includes everything you need to get the project from concept to installation, which includes:

  • Floor plans that show where items will be located, so you can visually see your smart home, smart office or smart hotel coming to life.
  • Wiring diagrams that show precisely how your smart home, smart office or smart hotel will be wired. With the right cables, back boxes, cable lengths, power points and unique references, so that they are quickly identified, nothing is forgotten and speeds the installation process.
  • Design specifications that detail what the technology looks like, how big or small it is, and how it will ultimately fit within your smart home, smart office or smart hotel.

Why MDfx?

It’s a process we’ve refined over decades, and it’s one that our clients have come to love. One that leaves no cable forgotten. No dangly cable on show. A smart home, smart office or smart hotel that ultimately provides convenience and creates an experience that everyone can enjoy.

If you would like to discuss producing a Smart Technology Design Pack for your project, look no further. Contact MDfx today to find out more and leave no cable forgotten.