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At MDfx, we use the most up-to-date and advanced smart home technology to provide our clients with a vast range of home automation, entertainment, security and networking solutions. Installing a smart home technology system is the perfect way to make your house smarter (of course), safer and more efficient.

Smart Home Automation

Smart Audio: Installing an MDfx automated smart home technology system instantly gives you access to high-quality, crisp audio anywhere in your home — quick, easy, and hassle-free. All systems can be customised to suit your needs and only require the use of one easy-to-use controller.

Home Cinema: Our home cinema systems bring the excitement of a night out at the movies to your living room. Our high-quality smart home technology offers bespoke installations that consider the needs and dimensions of your room, crystal-clear audio and video for enhanced viewing, and the ability to opt for discreet design if you want to maintain the style or function of a room.

Smart Lights: Our easy-to-use systems offer several lighting moods for daytime, nighttime, entertaining, watching TV or even setting the mood for a romantic evening. You can also use your mobile phone to adjust your preferred settings before you arrive home.

Window Treatments: Automated window treatments are the ideal solution for controlling how much natural light enters a room, protecting artwork from the sun or ensuring that your privacy is maintained for added security while you’re not at home.


We specialise in using the best smart home technology to create networks that connect all the devices within your home. This can include your laptop, phone, router, tablets, gaming consoles and video-streaming devices — all working in harmony to give you complete control over video, audio and security.

Aside from multi-device synchronisation, we also offer both internal and external intercom systems for added efficiency and safety, as well as high-quality telephone systems that can be seamlessly implemented into the rest of your design.


Every client has their own unique needs and budget, which is why when it comes to something as crucial as security, we offer a variety of systems to suit your needs. Our services include effective memorised programmes that provide on-and-off lighting within your home, coupled with opening-and-closing curtains to deter break-ins and nosey neighbours.

Our fire alarm system installations meet every requirement of the UKAS and SSAIB and are among the finest smart technology on the modern market. We design and install a comprehensive range of fire-detection products and services that satisfy your requirements and protect your home from any fire-related incidents. Safety is never something that should be taken for granted and is without a doubt one of the most worthwhile investments you can ever make.

Are you looking to enhance the entertainment, security or user-friendly capabilities of your home? Request a free consultation to find out how our smart home technology can benefit you today.