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We are proud to say that we will install Pakedge devices as part of our home automation systems packages. Pakedge creates a range of devices that can help to automate the processes in your home. It integrates seamlessly with the latest Internet of Things (IoT) technology to make your home work better for you. Its powerful networking devices can be used as part of our smart home automation installations to create the connected home ecosystem that you want.

Get the Pakedge Wk1 Wireless System in Your Home

Pakedge’s Wk1 wireless system could be just what you are looking for. Its wireless access points have a wide range, ideal for linking your entire home to the network. Pakedge Wk1 WAPs can be fixed to your wall or ceiling easily and securely, giving you a neat and clutter-free solution to your wireless needs. They come in white or black to match any decor, so your smart technology doesn’t have to compromise your carefully chosen aesthetic.

Control Your Home from Afar with Pakedge Bakpak

We can install the Pakedge BakPak system to make your home automation system even more convenient. With BakPak, you can seamlessly and effortlessly manage all of the devices linked up to your home system from wherever you are. If you want to make sure that the central heating is turned to your ideal temperature when you’re on the way home, you can with BakPak. BakPak can link your devices to your mobile phone, laptop and Alexa for easy remote control of your entire home ecosystem.

Pakedge gives you complete management of your smart home systems. Arrange a callback from a member of our team today to find out more.