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Smart workspaces are able to shape-shift for maximum efficiency, alter temperature and lighting levels, and make adjustments when workers are getting bored or frustrated.
Sensors will enable workspaces to shape-shift for maximum efficiency, alter temperature and lighting levels, and make adjustments when workers are getting bored or frustrated. Light intensity and spectrum, sound amplitude and direction, air quality, odour, and occupant location and activity may all be integrated to provide the more detailed information necessary for the environmental systems to react to actual user needs.

What MDfx Can Offer You

Increase productivity and minimise costs with our new Agile offices pack. MDfx Within can provide you with anything you need, from a simple remote working package for your home office to multi-floor office schemes where you have full control of lighting and temperature, safety and security and all the high tech equipment you need to impress your clients or business partners.

Increase Productivity

Heating and cooling, window treatments, and lighting can minimize distractions and help your employees work more efficiently.

Connect and Collaborate

Meeting room integration with video conferencing. Enhance your collaborative capabilities.

Stay Safe and Secure

The right combination of security and surveillance systems can help your office run confidently and comfortably at all times of the day

Monitor Activity

Our Intelligent building management app allows anything from booking rooms, setting up meetings and collects data relating to the building’s performance You

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Increase Productivity & Cut Costs

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Bio-adaptive lighting

Get the best out of you team members. Different levels of light intensity and color temperatures can support wellbeing, help to energize staff and enhance performance by supporting the body’s circadian rhythm.

Scene management

Set light schedules or dimming programmes to deliver the right light at the right time.Employees can use different light settings, where appropriate, for concentration and brainstorming via a smart phone app.

Environmental Monitoring

Remotely monitor and manage temperature and humidity levels across your offices and optimise conditions for employee well-being and comfort.

Connect & Collaborate

Our Video Conference system is engineered to provide a superior conferencing and collaboration experience for enterprise and SMB applications.

One touch simplicity from huddle room, to trading room and 24/7 support anywhere you may be.

We give you the flexibility to choose from a series of products or full room systems to integrate under one roof.

Tailormade Just For You

Safety & Security

More and more companies are investing to optimise safe and secure work environments. The importance of workplace security and overall feeling of safety is an important step towards productivity, creativity, motivation and great business solutions. To help you secure and create a safe environment for your workplace, MDfx provides you with the latest technologies.

Monitored Entry

Only allow free access to whom needs to be there.

Controlled Access

Allow access to rooms or entire areas to those who booked or are eligible to use them.

User Authorization

Save on printing by having your people authorise every job sent.

Secure Storage

Access your storage using your access card or smartphone.

Building Management App
Support employee performance and reduce time wasted with MDfx’s software and system architecture to help employees:

Find free meeting rooms or an available work room.

Enable them to personalise lighting.

Use occupancy insights to see where and how people prefer to work, opening your eyes to potential for energy and space savings, and efficiency gains.

Monitor lighting with embedded IoT sensors, and use the app for insights to increase building efficiency and optimise space to create a sustainable smart office. MDfx