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Home smart lighting control systems are one of the most popular services we offer. Lighting controls show the home at its best, highlighting architectural features and creating the desired ambiance– all while saving energy! A Crestron or Lutron lighting control system is scalable so you can control everything from a single room through to entire homes and gardens, even including curtains and blinds. Automated functions, such as bringing certain lights on at night, or set your lighting to show occupancy simulation for added security when you’re away from home are all easily achievable. 

Due to the way digital dimming systems work, huge amounts of energy can be saved throughout the home, especially when coupled with our LED lights– the difference can eye opening. This energy saving can feed in to the overall energy plan for the home, making planning permission more easily achievable. Setting different lighting scenes is as easy as tapping a button on a labelled keypad (for instance relaxing scene, entertaining scene or movie night scene). Meanwhile, if you would like to make changes to the lighting scenes – such as making the Reading scene brighter amending scenes is as easy as switching the individual lights to your preferred level and then hitting save!

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How Much will a Bespoke Automated Lighting System Cost?

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Lighting Design Services

With our years of experience in professional lighting and smart lighting, we are able work closely with clients, as well as help architects and interior designers to establish exactly the right lighting for all the living spaces. Whether that is using existing luminaires or creating bespoke solutions specifically to meet the required aesthetic and performance. We can assist with producing full lighting plans and schematics for your project.

Multiple Scenes - Programming

Intelligent lighting is a fantastic way to add a unique mood and a specific ambience to any part of your home. At MDfx Within we are able to have sensors linked to your smart lighting system so that it can intelligently allocate lighting automatically, depending on the room you are in at a certain time. This will not only make life extremely easy, it will also allow you to benefit from true energy efficiency.

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Our Smart Lighting Packs have several benefits

Smart lighting systems are undeniably cool, offering mood lighting, voice control, plus the ability to turn lights on and off remotely. Lutron electronics is widely regarded as the best luxury smart lighting system. They even offer fully wireless smart lighting systems, making it possible to add an automated lighting system without much intrusion or mess.

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Integration &
Home Automation

Seamlessly integrate smart lighting technology into your home. Our smart light control systems can combine with audio, video, security, and HVAC. From simple incorporation with a single system to sophisticated high-level integration, our controls work reliably and intuitively with other systems in your home.

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Whole-home systems make it easy to dim the lights throughout your home to create ambiance and save energy with wireless controls. Install discreet occupancy/vacancy sensors to ensure lights are turned off when rooms are unoccupied.

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Safety &

Enjoy the safety and security of advanced wireless lighting control. Create a safe path of light to, through, and around your home. Connect your security system to your lighting system for an added level of assurance.

Lighting Design and Lighting Control


Create safe navigation through your home. No need to walk from room to room to control each light. Press a button to illuminate a pathway from your bedroom to move easily and safely throughout your home at night.

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What's on offer?

Lutron Electric Blind Automated Blinds and Shades in dining room

Electronic Curtain & Blind Controls

Adding curtains and blinds in to a lighting control system can create a truly automated home – curtains and blinds close automatically when darkness falls and can open automatically at sunrise.

Our systems offer you control at the push of a button, which can automatically be replicated when you aren’t at home. This holiday mode ensures that your home always looks occupied as curtains and blinds follow your usual pattern. Advanced control of curtains and blinds can also be used to naturally regulate temperature in the home; if lighting levels are high and the temperature is rising in rooms on one side of the house, our systems can close the blinds by small amounts to regulate the temperature, saving on the use of expensive air conditioning. The more intense the sunlight the further the blinds will close.

The same lighting control system can also be used to protect fabric on soft furnishings, artwork and other items in rooms from the bleaching effect of direct sunlight. Our lighting control systems can also incorporate curtain and blind control into lighting scenes. One button press can even close blinds in all the communal rooms in the home.

Mood Lighting Control Systems for Single Rooms

Mood lighting systems can be easily installed in single rooms during renovation and extension projects and are incredibly convenient. More and more households are opting for open plan kitchen/dining/living rooms. These large spaces really benefit from a lighting system that ensures lighting is just right for any activity, whether that be hosting a dinner party or movie night. The majority of our lighting control systems require different wiring than a traditional lighting system, so you would ideally install them either during a renovation or when creating an extension.

For our systems each lighting channel would be wired back to a central dimmer. A lighting channel can be one or more lights: the more the lights in the room are split into channels, the more control over lighting you will eventually have. Lighting keypads (Brass, Silver, Nickel and other gorgeous finishes) are wired in low voltage cable and allow any of the centrally wired channels to be controlled by a single button press. In reality, lighting keypads in different areas of the room may control channels local to them with an all-off button, allowing the whole room to be switched off at night.

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Smart Lighting Design and Automated Lighting Control

Bespoke Lighting Design – High End Lighting Solutions

Well designed lighting transforms spaces in to warm, inviting environments and highlights architectural and interior features. Of all the services we provide, we feel lighting design and control is the most rewarding.

Lighting affects our perception and enjoyment of spaces. If you contact us at an early stage in your projects, we can offer to design a lighting scheme which adds warmth and character to a space. We see the effect of lighting everyday: our Crestron and Lutron lighting control systems are initially programmed as flat scenes, 100% brightness, 75%, 50% and 25%, and we only change these settings once final decoration and furniture positioning is complete.

Our fully configured lighting scenes transform spaces with a number of techniques and “tricks” to show spaces off at their best – these techniques vary from room to room. We specialise in whole house lighting designs and have partnerships with lighting manufacturers who provide the highest quality fittings, ensuring the same lighting colour from each lamp and 100% reliable dimming. Most of our lamps are LED which use minimal amounts of energy and have warrantied long life – circa 50,000 hours of use. The range of fittings is huge from downlights and uplights to LED strips and LED lamps which replace traditional classic light bulbs.

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