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Building Management Systems

We offer the only complete, fully integrated control solution!

Building Management system MDfx 1

Project teams face an extraordinary challenge to meet the industry’s goals for the future. MDfx is dedicated to empowering design teams with the tools they need to create truly integrated building technology. MDfx provides facility, IT and AV managers with the integrated, IP-based tools to achieve a new standard in efficiency and reporting.

ICT Systems
We provide the latest hardware and software systems for your organisation. As well as data showing how your building is being used.
CCTV, Security & Access Control
Control access to the facility; surveillance and intrusion detection.
Fire, Smoke Detection & Alarms
active alarm locations; smoke control system
Set a pattern for lights to switch on/off according to a specified schedule.
Adjust ventilation based on occupancy controls.
control system activity; maintain a pre-determined temperature.

Monitoring &

Monitor space and energy usage while managing all the environmental, lighting and AV systems throughout the building. Monitor and track current and historical energy consumption, and intelligently manage resources.
Building Management system MDfx
Building Management system MDfx
MDfx delivers complete building management for maximum energy and operational efficiency. We provide you with the ability to monitor, manage, and control all the technology throughout the entire facility both centrally and globally.