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We are an official Lutron Supplier and Installer so you can trust us to offer the very best product information and fitting service for Lutron blinds and shades. Get in touch to find out how Lutron blinds could complement your living space.

We Design, Supply & Install Lutron Automatic Blinds & Shades.

MDfx provide you with the entire shading solution. The shade itself, electronic drives, controls, power supplies, and hardware. We have a fully qualified in house team of Lutron Installers, ensuring the highest quality products and a satisfying customer experience.

Lutron smart shades

What is so special about our Automatic blinds & Shades?

1. Integrate within your existing smart home system - Control your Lutron Electric Blinds using your smart home technology. The Lutron Smart Bridge is compatible with smartphones, smart watches, Amazon Alexa devices and Samsung SmartThings.

2. Simple Battery Replacement - Lutron Electric Blinds come with a unique built in fascia that hides away batteries neatly and provides hassle-free access to the battery casing for quick and easy replacement.

3. Clear Connect Technology - Lutron’s Clear Connect RF Technology uses a dedicated network and quiet radio frequency to ensure that there is no interference with the working of your electric blinds and that communication between devices is seamless.

4. Wireless option - Lutron has a number of battery operated wireless electric blind options that are convenient and reliable. Barely there - The Lutron Sivoia wireless system is extremely quiet so you can relax without any disturbance from motor noise!

5. Perfect Alignment - Lutron Electric Blinds will move up and down at the same speed for perfect alignment.

Automated curtains and blinds enhance the ambience, privacy and security of a home, especially when integrated with an MDfx Within's smart home system. With our bespoke systems, curtains and blinds can be simply operated from the Lutron touch-screens, keypads & remotes.

Groups of blinds can be controlled together meaning curtains throughout the property can close with a single button press. The system can be automated so window dressings open and close automatically, altering as the time of dusk and dawn changes through the year. Electric curtains and blinds can also be integrated with a simulated occupancy program to increase security when the home is unoccupied.


Choose Your Fabric!

We are able to supply and install the entire range of Lutron’s fabric collection. If you are curious, have a look at all the fabrics they have on offer here. Going smart does not mean you have to give up on aesthetic. We supply eight shade styles and over 1,500 materials and fabrics for any budget or application. That said, you are not limited to this collection. If you have a different fabric supplier you would like to use, we are able to provide a fully bespoke service for our electric window treatment systems. 


Choose Your Custom Controls & Hardware

Luton electric blinds can be controlled using either a traditional remote control handset or the Lutron App connected to a smart home device. We pay exceptional attention to detail for functional and beautiful controls, and offer a wide selection of styles, colours, and finishes.

  1. Pico Remote Control – The Pico Remote Control provides wireless control of your Lutron electric blinds and can be configured for handset, table top or wall mount use.
  2. Lutron Keypads – Like other fixtures and fittings in your home, blind controls play an important part in the design of any room. Lutron offer a wide range of keypads to provide attractive, intuitive control in both wall-mounted and tabletop designs. – View their full range here
  3. The Lutron App – The Lutron App allows you to control your Lutron electric blinds from a range of smart home devices including Apple HomeKit, Apple Watch and Amazon Alexa.
Lutron Keypads
Lutron Smart Control App


Expertly made to measure

We offer free home consultations where we offer you expert advice to help you choose the perfect Roller blind. Choose from hundreds of gorgeous plain and patterned fabrics. Once you’ve selected your favourite we’ll measure your windows to make sure your made-to-measure motorised blinds fit perfectly. 

If you know what you want and are comfortable measuring up yourself, we are happy to do the order remotely. Here are some videos to help you measure up!

On your fitting day your installer will show you how to use the remote control system you have chosen, so you feel totally confident operating your new electric blinds.

Smart Home Automation - Control4


Integrate within your smart home App
We offer seamless integration of daylight, electric light, security systems, and HVAC systems, for total home control solutions that help save energy​.

Cost of Lutron Electric
Blinds & Shades

Starting at


*Price based on a 1600mm x 1600mm Lutron Sivoia Triathlon battery operated roller blind in blackout fabric and with handset, installation and warranty.

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design consultation with us.

Are Electric Blinds Really Worth It? Here Are Three Impactful Ways They Can Upgrade Your Home!

Choosing from a vast amount of options, and then installing the best smart blinds, is not an easy task. We recommend you leave this job to the professionals. Ideally, look into using an established brand and get a bespoke option.

MDfx automated Shading for ultimate luxury

Light not only changes the look of the day, but also affects your mood. Here at MDfx we provide you with bespoke solutions and systems that would allow you to adjust the amount of daylight in your home to complement your mood and even transform it. Here at MDfx we give you the power to do just that! The press of one button can shape the lighting in a space to create the perfect atmosphere for any activity.

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