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We have extensive experience and knowledge in the automated shading industry, and we are industry leaders in precision controlled Electric blinds.

We Design, Supply & Install

MDfx provide you with the entire shading solution—the shade itself, electronic drives, controls, power supplies, and hardware—ensuring the highest-quality products and a satisfying customer experience.

Lutron smart shades

What is so special about our
blinds & Shades?

At MDfx Within we supply a range of blind and curtain options including Crestron and Lutron Sivoia. Automated curtains & blinds enhance the ambience, privacy and security of a home, especially when integrated with an MDfx Within smart home system. With our bespoke systems, curtains and blinds can be simply operated from the Crestron or Lutron touch-screens, keypads & remotes.

Groups of blinds can be controlled together meaning curtains throughout the property can close with a single button press. System can be automated so window dressings open & close automatically, altering as the time of dusk and dawn changes through the year. Electric curtains & blinds can also be integrated with a simulated occupancy program to increase security when the home is unoccupied.


We offer the widest breadth of line, with eight shade styles and over
1,500 materials and fabrics for any budget or application. Choose from a wide range of available fabrics with large samples and swatches of colours, materials and textures to suit your property. Alternatively choose from your own fabric sources and we can arrange dimensions and requirements for our Window Treatment Systems. 


Full Control
We pay exceptional attention to detail for functional—and beautiful—
controls, and offer a wide selection of styles, colors, and finishes.


Easily Integrate
We offer seamless integration of daylight, electric light, security systems,
and HVAC systems, for total home control solutions that help save energy

Are Electric Blinds Really Worth It? Here Are Three Impactful Ways They Can Upgrade Your Home!

Choosing from a vast amount of options, and then installing the best smart blinds, isn’t an easy task. If you’re doing it properly, you’ll need to look into using an established brand and really get a bespoke option – and we’re not just talking about colour and size, and whether it fits inside your window frame, or over the top.

MDfx automated Shading for ultimate luxury

Light not only changes the look of the day, but also affects your mood. Here at MDfx we provide you with bespoke solutions and systems that would allow you to adjust the amount of daylight in your home to complement your mood and even transform it. Here at MDfx we give you the power to do just that! The press of one button can shape the lighting in a space to create the perfect atmosphere for any activity.

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