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Dedicated Gaming Rooms

The very best audio and visual gaming experience. Complete solutions including console gaming chairs, futuristic LED strip lights, high end audio and finishes.

Console Gaming Setup

The benefits of full surround sound system, a large screen TV display and  futuristic LED strip lights integrated into your family living space or children’s bedrooms. 

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Our team at MDfx are specialists in Audio Visual design.

Whether you enjoy playing on a PC or a video game console, having the perfect surrounding environment can completely transform your gaming experience. Here at MDfx Within, we have created the ultimate gamer’s pack that will provide you with essential high end equipment you need to create an flawless, top-notch gaming hideaway.

What MDfx Can Offer You

Whether you play PlayStation, Nintendo Switch or Xbox, your console gaming setup requires a few essentials. While many PC gamers prefer playing close to eye level with their monitor or monitors, most console gaming setups include a floor gaming chair paired with an elevated TV.


Never neglect audio! A game’s audio is incredibly important. Video games need sound effects to make the virtual characters and the world feel more alive.

Your big television set or monitor just doesn't have the necessary audio chops built into it. Invest in this. Audio will completely transform your experience!

Lighting Control

Complete your games room with some futuristic LED strip lights, which you can place along your ceiling, under the rim of your desk or shelving units. Our advanced LED lights that allow you to change the strip colour and brightness through a phone app or remote.

You can also find quirky novelty neon signs to hang on the wall, giving the room a more personal edge.

Electric Blinds and Shades

Blackout blinds or curtains minimise glare on your screen from the natural sunlight.

HD TV Screens

Having the right display in place is one of the most important aspects of your gaming room and you can go for a monitor, a TV, or even a projector, depending on what you're playing from and how much work you want to give your eyeballs.

Signature Seating

Console gaming chairs are available in two styles: rocker and floor. Rocker chairs are L shaped sturdy chairs that rock freely front to back and can be reclined at a gamers’ convenience. Floor chairs are often large, soft cushions or bean bags. Floor chairs provide more comfort, while rocker chairs provide more structure.

Professional microphone and webcam

A webcam allows you to record your gaming to show to viewers and fans. Many professional gamers are dependent on their webcam to make a living, so it’s critical to choose a professional webcam with a high-quality image.

Get The Best Gaming Speakers!

What are the best audio options available?

Do not neglect your gaming audio experience. This is just as important as your visual display setup!

You want to be able to hear the crowds cheering when you take the title, or the screech of an enemy spacecraft zooming by overhead. The truth of the matter is, your big television set or monitor just doesn't have the necessary audio ability built into it.

No gaming setup is complete without speakers that deliver incredible, booming sound. The best speakers for you will depend largely on your budget, the space you have available for speakers, and your preference for overall bass and sound quality.

There are plenty of options out there for you to get confused by. From soundbars and speakers with connected lighting effects to full surround sound systems, our highly skilled team will be able to guide you on the most adequate options for your unique setup. 

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The Ultimate Visual Setup!

We'll guide you in choosing the best Visual equipment for your purposes and needs!

Having the right display in place is one of the most important aspects of your gaming room and you can go for a monitor, a TV, or even a projector. We will guide you in choosing the best visual experience based on what you are playing from and how much work you want to give your eyeballs.

Your choice ranges all the way from 65-inch Big Format Gaming Displays, to 4K projectors. Of course if you're going to be doing TV watching as well as gaming in your gaming room, then the best 4K televisions would be a better option.

Primary focus should be given to screen size and resolution first and foremost. For gaming, the refresh rate is imperative also.

The Best Futuristic LED Lighting

Completely Transform your Gaming Environment with our Incredible Futuristic Lighting Design Pre-set Scenes!

For that truly immersive experience, We design and install futuristic LED lighting effects around your gaming den. We are Suppliers and installers of Lutron smart Lighting. We are able to design and program pre-set scenes so you can transform your room with a touch of a button. We can add as many pre-set scenes as you like.

Lutron Lighting will help getting your gaming room atmosphere just right. We have got a host of different bulb types, colours, and setups to choose from. The software gives access to a variety of customisation options which make this kit highly flexible. Lighting options include numerous colour pre-sets that can be customised according to your liking.

Other intelligent lighting options include setting the lights to change colour according to your PCs stats - adjusting to show temperature changes in your graphics card or CPU.

You might think you want to game by the glow of your screen alone, but we advise getting at least one pre-set lighting scene in there.

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Comfortable Seating Is key

Choosing the right gaming chair is extremely important!

If you plan on spending a large amount of time sitting in your gaming chair, then it is imperative that you invest in a chair that is appropriate to your needs. Investing in a good-quality gaming chair will not only improve your overall comfort, but it will also improve the quality of your play and elevate the overall aesthetics of the room.

PC chairs were not made equal to gaming chairs despite their similar appearance. Gaming chairs provide more in terms of cushioning and back support. They come with adjustable armrests and in some cases even massage functions. They offer that little more relief for your back, meaning you can game for longer.

When choosing the right gaming chair for you, you need to consider ergonomics, material, and size. The vast amount of choice can get overwhelming which is where our highly experienced team comes in to guide you in choosing the best option for you.

A chair with lumbar support or full back support, is ideal, as this will minimise body or back pain after gaming for extended periods of time. In terms of material, while faux leather, leather and vinyl are easy to wipe clean, they are not breathable fabrics so they might not be the best options. Finally, you need to choose a gaming chair to suit your size, whether this is an adult, teen, or child.

Electric Black Out Blinds

Perfect for those who do not have a dedicated gaming room and want to transform their living room or bedroom into the perfect gaming environment.

Blackout blinds or curtains minimise glare on your screen from the natural sunlight.

If your gaming room is not in a dedicated room with no windows, you can still block out light from windows by installing blackout blinds. Our Electric Lutron blackout blinds and shades can cancel out up to 99% of light and will minimise any screen glare. Using blackout blinds means you will enhance any additional neon lighting we design and add to the room. This will create the ideal ambience that makes a great gaming room complete.

Blackout blinds
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Professional Microphone & Webcam

Want to become a professional gamer? Then This is necessary!

Streaming is a big business for people doing things like gaming.

While you may not be able to make it to the millions of viewers yet, it may be something you aspire to. When looking through the list of streamers, all of them have professional setups. That does not just refer to high end Audio and screens, but professional-grade microphones and webcams.

With a webcam, you will want a streaming output of at least up to 1080p. Certain features like digital zoom, autofocus and high frame rates are common and almost necessary when looking at cameras. For the best setup, opt for 4K streaming, and while it may not be mainstream as of yet, it will get to this point in the near future!

Other features to look out for are Resolution, Frame Rate, Autofocus, Field of View and low light performance. If you need help choosing the perfect webcam for your set-up, get in touch and one of solutions architects will be happy to guide you!

Powerful WIFI

A bad internet connection can make it impossible to play your favourite games!

Ruckus wireless networks from MDfx Within deliver industry-leading wireless Mobility, Coverage, Performance and Security using Ruckus BeamFlex, SmartCast and SmartSec technologies

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