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Crestron Electronics has been one of the leading technological innovators since 1971. Crestron home automation solutions provide people with a better quality of life by making day-to-day tasks easier and improving their productivity. At MDfx, we strive to provide customers with cutting-edge technology, offering faster, smarter and more efficient home automation solutions.

As a Crestron UK installer, we’re not merely offering you top-of-the-line electronics — we’re providing you with scalable and customised solutions that suit your lifestyle and enhance several aspects of your home.

We meet your lifestyle goals!

We design and install Crestron smart home systems that enhance the lives of our clients and the needs of their families, expertly crafted to integrate all the systems in their homes, into one intelligent and unified simple-to-use platform.

What is Crestron?

With a comprehensive range of intuitive control options, Crestron home automation makes sure that ultimate control of your smart home system is just one touch away at all times. Crestron recognises the importance of quality, as well as the need for enough variety to suit a wide range of homes. From brilliantly designed touch screens and ergonomic handheld remotes to fully customisable keypads, there’s a Crestron control device to satisfy every need and space.

Crestron is one of the lead providers of home automation, and a popular choice for luxury homes. Crestron manufacturers home automation products like motorised shades, locks, lighting, speakers and thermostats. As an authorised dealer, MDfx Within designs and installs the system in your home. This process allows the Crestron system to be custom fit to your specific needs. In addition to Crestron products, a Crestron system can integrate devices and appliances from other brands. When your Crestron system is up and running, you can control everything from a sleek touch screen wall tablet.

What Can you control?

You are in control!

Crestron empowers you with full control of everything happening in and around your home, whether you’re in the kitchen or on vacation across the world. There’s nothing more reassuring than knowing everything and everyone at home is safe and secure.

Crestron Home OS4
Crestron Smart Home Automation

Introducing Crestron Home OS4

‘Experience is Everything’ – 22/12/2023

Great news for all our Crestron Home customers!

A FREE upgrade to your Crestron systems is on the way in the coming weeks. The all-new Crestron Home® OS 4 delivers more of everything you know and love about your Crestron smart home and an even more extraordinary smart home experience.

OS 4 will automatically update for free on all your touch screens.

For your mobile devices and tablets, simply download the latest Crestron Home app update.

OS4 - More Intuitive

Launch OS 4 and you’ll instantly notice its new and refined graphics, icons, and layout. Text is larger and easier to read. Enhanced filters let you control more, see more rooms at once, and get to what you need to with fewer taps.

More Personalised

Everyone’s idea of the perfect smart home is different. OS 4 puts the power to easily create yours in your hands. Schedule and automate tasks.

Get the complete picture of your home with the stunning new room image view. Dim the lights, add colour, create scenes, and more.

More Control

With native Xfinity® Voice Control integration, your home is always at your command. Just say the word.

Not sure where someone is? Whole home paging makes it easy. And now, you can rapidly customise all your smart home’s functions with just a single password sign-in.

Crestron Home OS4 with MDfx
Crestron Home OS4 with MDfx

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At MDfx, we believe that a hands-on approach is the best way to gain a greater understanding of the systems we provide. We achieve this by giving our home automation installation and management teams their own personal control systems, which enables them to experience and understand them from the user’s perspective. We also regularly participate in industry and supplier training.


Having established ourselves as one of the most efficient and bespoke smart home installation companies the UK, we have been recognised for our work, winning awards for our high standards and the creativity of our services. Most recently, we won the Control4 awards at the Integrated Systems Exhibitions (ISE) in Amsterdam, where we were one of the only AV dealers in Europe to walk away with more than one award.

& Care

We design and install all of our systems to operate with efficiency, without fault, and in a way that makes them easy to use and understand. With that said, we do host training sessions to ensure that our clients get the best out of their system and are able to familiarise themselves with all of its functions.