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Dedicated Home Cinema

The very best audio and visual home cinema experience. Complete solutions including cinema seating, smart mood lighting, high end acoustic treatment and finishes

Media Room

The benefits of full surround sound system, a large screen TV display and effective smart mood lighting integrated into your family living space 

High end Media Room Install - Luxury Media Room design

Latest Projects

MDfx Within have completed several home cinema installs in London. 
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What MDfx Can Offer You

Enjoy your favourite films in spectacular surroundings with your very own bespoke home cinema. We can design the perfect space to integrate your audio-visual technology and blend it seamlessly into the style of your home.​


We install Air-Conditioning and Air-Source heating. Comes with it’s own app where you can schedule systems on and off or adjust temperature according to your liking.

Lighting Control

Integrating your lighting controls allows you to maximize automation, pressing one button to trigger room scenes.


MDfx provide you with the entire shading solution—the shade itself, electronic drives, controls, power supplies, and hardware—ensuring the highest-quality products and a satisfying customer experience.

HD TV Screens

Picture quality - like the director intended. We use best in class projectors to reproduce your picture.


Fully immerse yourself in our top of the range sound system, taking your home cinema experience the next step with fully immersive 360º audio.

Signature Seating

A truly home cinema experience with comfortable cinema seating. Choose seating to match your room with a wide range of fabrics, leathers and materials.

How Much will a Bespoke Home Cinema Cost?

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Home Cinema Room Acoustics
The Best Surround Sound System

You can buy the best surround sound system out there, yet this alone, will not allow you to achieve the cinema-like sound quality you are after. In the end, it all comes down to the acoustics of your home theatre.

The room you choose to transform into your private home cinema will determine whether you achieve Crystal-clear dialogue, pinpoint focus and wrap-around sound. The room is as important as the equipment you are going to purchase! The room needs to be appropriately configured. Much consideration needs to be given to the shape of your room, where you sit, where your speakers are placed, the location and materials of your furnishing and fittings—all of these elements contribute to the having perfect audio performance to truly impress your guests. 

MDfx Within has the expertise to overcome the acoustic issues every home cinema faces


As sound travels from a speaker to your ears, it bounces off the walls, floor and room furnishings. Too much of this ‘reflection’ will affect the sound; too little creates an unpleasant artificial ‘dead’ sound.

MDfx Within will acoustically treat your home cinema to get the right balance. As a general rule, more sound absorption is needed at the front of the room to reduce reflection, which sharpens dialogue and increases clarity. More diffusion at the back of the room tends to improves the overall surround sound.

Low frequency

Low bass sounds can become distorted in a compact room. The tone of the sound can become uneven, and you might find it difficult to hear a film’s dialogue. Moreover, standing waves can cause irregular dips in the sound. 

There are several ways one can improving the clarity of the surround system, one quick fix could be fitting bass traps, for example. MDfx Within guarantee a perfect installation of your surround sound system. We consider every measure and detail to achieve the perfect home cinema setup.

Sound isolation

MDfx Within’s solutions architects know how to deal with the intricacies of sound isolation. More of ten than most, this means creating a ‘room within a room’, which will allow us to control all the acoustic elements that affect the sound in your home theatre.

By minimising sound pockets and vibrations in your home cinema room, MDfx Within is able to give you the maximum possible dynamic range. Basically this will enable you to hear even the quietest of sound effects in a film, without having to turn the volume up.


At its best, surround sound allows you to feel like you are part of the scene you’re watching. Focused sounds match up with the images perfectly, guaranteeing you the best home cinema experience possible.

Acoustic calibration

Once we’ve acoustically treated your room, we can fine-tune it to achieve the best possible audio performance. You can choose to have your home calibrated by a Home Acoustics Alliance-trained sound engineer.

Home Cinema Room Design

Home Cinema Room Equipment.

We use acoustically transparent material to hide speakers in the walls and ceiling of your home cinema room. We do all this without compromising on your sound quality.

When it comes to media rooms, we use motorised screens and projectors that appear and disappear into your ceiling at the touch of a button. We We are masters of seamlessly installed systems.

Home Cinema Room Lighting - Settings, Fixtures & Fittings.

Thriller, romcom or live sport? Switch on the ideal lighting conditions for any occasion at the touch of a button. When programming settings into your home automation system, we consider every detail.

We include a few personal experience buttons in order to elevate your and your guest’s experience. One such button might be to dim your lights as the film starts, in order to build a sense of excitement. One tap on your app will let you pause your film, bring up soft navigation lighting whilst opening the bar curtains simultaneously. You get the gist!

We also ensure your lighting doesn’t interfere with your home cinema experience. This means making sure your fixtures, fittings and transformers are silent and do not interfere with sound transmission. It also means making sure your light fittings and fixtures do not reflect distracting light.

Smart Home Automation - Lutron Lighting and Control4 smart home Security Crestron Automated smart Home
MDfx Home Cinema Design & Installation

Home Cinema Room Picture and Screen

High spec home cinema equipment will not suffice on its own. It demands the technical expertise to get the most from your technology.

Our engineers, solutions architects and designers attend to every single detail. They pride themselves on giving you the real cinema experience. This includes quality visuals with vibrant colour, high definition, the sharpest contrast and immaculate clarity.


Most Important Contributors
to good quality picture:

Screen size

For a truly stunning home cinema experience, you need to be able to see every detail of every image, across the whole of the screen. 

Our designers will calculate your optimal viewing distance, and find the best screen size for your room.

Screen Material

This is surprising to some of our clients, however the type of material your screen is made of can make a huge difference to your viewing experience. The right material colour will determine whether your screen will reflect the precise amount of light to give you accurate colour reproduction. 

The material must also be acoustically transparent if you want the benefits of positioning your speakers behind the screen.

Aspect Ratio

Aspect Ratio simply refers to the width and height ratio an image was shot in. This is usually different to the aspect ratio of our screen. This results in seeing black bars around a film when watching it on TV (like a border – we’ve all experienced this). 

We can banish these from your screen with an anamorphic projector lens, or by using motorised masking.


The new generation of 4K UHD screens have arrived, with double the horizontal resolution and double the vertical resolution of current high-definition screens for four times the detail. 

We can make your home cinema fully 4K-capable. That way, you can take advantage of the 4K streaming services currently offered by Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video, or install Sky’s 4K box or a 4K Kaleidescape player.

Screen size



Video File Resolution information for home cinema and media rooms


MDfx Within sets the perfect ‘bias lighting’ –  a weak light source on the backside of a screen or monitor that illuminates the wall or surface behind and just around the display into your home automation system. This allows you to watch stunningly vibrant images in ideal lighting condition

Video Display Calibration

A professional calibration is one of the most effective upgrades you can make to your video system. Once your home cinema is installed, you can choose to have your screen and projector finely calibrated. 

The purpose of a video calibration is to reproduce picture quality according to industry standards and thus create display devices that look identical to the displays used in video mastering suites, production studios and broadcast studios.

Dynamic Range

Many of the very latest (2016 onwards) televisions and projectors support High Dynamic Range (HDR) which allows the screen to display a wider and richer range of colours, much brighter whites, and much deeper, darker blacks. 

HDR content allows you to see more detail in the darkest and brightest areas of a picture. The benefit is more natural, true-to-life colours that are closer to how we expect to see them in real life.

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Enjoy your favourite films in spectacular surroundings with your very own bespoke home cinema. Design the perfect space to integrate your audio-visual technology and blend it seamlessly into the style of your home.