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Our smart garden pack is our newest and most innovative pack yet! It's packed with the newest garden technology, from weatherproof entertainment systems, to robotic lawnmowers and automatic sprinklers, as well as an app to help you stay in control of everything.
Our Garden packs give you an area where sprinklers, lights, motions sensors, and even lawnmowers can be controlled by the touch of a button. No more battling spider webs to run on the water. Smart home technology extends far beyond a simple light dimmer switch or a single thermostat indoors. If you want a connected home that goes beyond the four walls of your home, read on!

What MDfx Can Offer You

Our smart garden pack is our newest and most innovative pack yet! It’s packed with the newest garden technology, from weatherproof entertainment systems, to robotic lawnmowers and automatic sprinklers, as well as an app to help you stay in control of everything.

Outdoor Entertainment

Keep your family entertained with our weather resistant outdoor cinemas and sound Install!

Mood Lighting & Fire

Control all your outdoor lighting through your device. We create a selection of pre-set scenes to suit your lifestyle and give you the flexibility to build your own scenes if you wanted to. We also have a selection of fire pits to help add a cosy ambience to your garden, which may be controlled via your smartphone.

Smart Gardening System

Stay in control of your gardening with our unique gardening app that allows you to monitor your garden as well as adjust irrigation and lawn mowing times to suit your lifestyle!

Smart Shading Device

Never worry about your children being outside in the heat for too long and keep them protected with our smart shading devices. No manual operation required anymore! Control your awning via your smartphone or a single remote control!

Outdoor Entertainment

We have you covered! No matter how or where you want to view or listen to your favourite movies and music, we can make it happen. As the summer months in the UK are getting longer and hotter, we are spending more time outdoors, and now more than ever we are using our private gardens for all sorts of social gatherings, which is why outdoor entertainment that is in keeping with the current atmosphere can really elevate your hosting experiences. The problem traditionally has been how to incorporate a large display and high end surround system that looks and sounds great in use but also blends in to the environment when not is use, at MDfx Within, we have the best solutions for you! 

Outdoor TV & Projector

In homes that have an adequately sized garden, it is possible for people to set up a home cinema in an outdoor area. Depending on the space available, a permanent fixture with a huge screen in a weather-proof cabinet and dedicated outdoor audio set up is possible.

Our Outdoor TV screens are 100% waterproof, weatherproof and dust proof and have an anti glare and non reflective screen coating that ensures high visibility, eye catching and dynamic media displays indoors and outdoors.

Outdoor Audio System

We can supply and install outdoor audio systems for every budget. All or outdoor products are designed to withstand all types of weather conditions, including rain and snow and extreme temperatures.

We Supply some of the world’s best sounding outdoor audio system which means we are able to provide a jaw-dropping sonic performance from strategically placed satellite speakers and subwoofers that encompass the perimeter of the property directing the sound towards the listening areas.

Garden Smart Lighting - Outdoor Cinema Lighting - smart outdoor lighting installed by mdfx within in west london
Smart Home Automation - Lutron Lighting and Control4 smart home Security

Control All your Outdoor Lighting and keep your home safe even when you are away!

Tailormade Just For You

Just like indoors, smart lighting out in the garden is probably one of the easiest ways to get started down the automation route. Whether you want to light up your driveway to deter burglars or your back garden for efficiency, you’re spoiled for choice with outdoor lighting from all the usual smart home suspects. MDfx Within offers fully waterproofed outdoor lighting starting from inexpensive single bulbs and stepping up through wall-mounted lights.

Gardening App

Monitor and Control all your Gardening Tasks on a single app!

The app shows you an overview of all measurements taken by the smart Sensor. Put your mind at rest knowing that your plants are in good hands. At the same time, you can see an overview of all your smart devices and their status, and take control at any time if necessary.

All you need to do is schedule the times for your robotic lawnmower and sprinkler smart system to start on the very intuitive gardening app. The days of the week and times can be programmed separately for each smart system device. Your schedules can be easily edited, and all scheduled times are displayed on your app home screen, making it especially easy to monitor. You can also set priorities for the products such as stopping the robotic lawnmower just before the sprinkler system starts.

smart mowing

We supply the Best Robotic Lawnmowers!

There's nothing like the look and smell of freshly cut grass, but unless you're paying for a professional landscaping service, you'll have to put in the time to keep your lawn in tip-top shape. You can spend hours every week doing the work yourself, the old-fashioned way, or you can invest in one of our robot lawn mowers to do the job for you.

Available for gardens of all shapes and sizes, robot lawn mowers are easy to control, and because they're powered by rechargeable battery packs, they're extremely quiet, which means you can let them do their thing at any hour of the day without bothering the neighbours.

Automatic lawnmower in modern garden

smart irrigation

Water your Garden efficiently!

Smart irrigation systems tailor watering schedules and run times automatically to meet specific landscape needs. These controllers significantly improve outdoor water use efficiencies.

Unlike traditional irrigation controllers that operate on a preset programmed schedule and timers, smart irrigation controllers monitor weather, soil conditions, evaporation and plant water use to automatically adjust the watering schedule to actual conditions of the site.

4 Good Reasons why you Should Automate your Patio Awnings:

Easy Control

Our motorised awnings require no manual operation. Just sit back and relax! Control your awning as well as your patio's lighting and heating via your smartphone or a single remote control!

Sensors Do all the Work

Your patio awnings will adjust automatically to weather conditions thanks to the sun and wind sensors. When the sun starts to beat down the awning extends, if the wind starts blowing it retracts automatically.

Protect your Awning

Mdfx Within supplies a motorised system that ensures the awning retracts fully into its sealed cassette to prevent water getting through. The fabric tension system also ensures it always looks perfect.

Enjoy All Year Round

Take full advantage of your terrace or patio in winter as well as summer thanks to the lighting and protection systems offered by our motorised awnings.

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