We are London's Leading Smart HomE Automation Design & Install Service

MDfx Within was established to meet the needs of high-end developers, designers, architects and project managers, and their clients. We design and install fully bespoke, integrated smart home automation systems that are effortless and reliable. Today, MDfx Within has become one of the leading smart home automation design and installation services in the UK.


Our consultancy service is the first step towards creating your perfect automated home in London. We have extensive experience designing and installing fully integrated home automation systems, as well as working within the safety and security industry.

We are confident in providing comprehensive solutions to your design problems. All of our fully bespoke automation systems are designed to fit individual client needs. As an independent installer, when you choose us, you’re choosing the best.

Our consultants can provide full specifications and designs, and professionally install your chosen system quickly and efficiently. Their expertise ensures that our installations match the exact requirements of our clients. Our systems are as robust and high-quality as you’d expect from a professional service.


Whether designing a fully integrated smart home system or installing automatic curtain tracks, we thrive to exceed our client's expectations. This means that every project is bespoke and looks to meet the individual lifestyle of our clients. We promise a quality service in whichever systems you choose to have installed in your home. We provide a streamlined, efficient, and practical service. As a result of our exceptional service, there are no headaches over logistics or frustration over maintenance in sight.

At MDfx Within we have an in-house design team. This ensures that every one of our projects is tailored specifically to our client's unique requirements. Our designers have a strong passion and extensive experience within the smart home technology industry. Thus ensuring we can deliver a comprehensive brief and expert designs, that go above and beyond your expectations.

By working with designers with specialist knowledge of the industry, you know you’re getting the best service possible.

Smart home installation

With years of experience designing and installing smart home automation systems, we guarantee a hassle-free service. Whether we are designing your new high-tech security system or home cinema room, we thrive to create an experience that will surely improve your lifestyle.

At MDfx, we don’t stop at design, we offer professional, expert installation of your new home automation system in London. Employing an in-house installation team means you have peace of mind and that your vision will be perfectly executed to the highest standard. Our highly trained installers have the skills and tools they need at their disposal to do an exemplary job.

Maintenance & Care

We know our work is of excellent quality, so we include the MDfx Within guarantee with every system installed. In addition to this, we also provide support and maintenance services to ensure your system works at its best.

Everything you need is provided to make the most of your smart home installation. Whether it be on-site training, ongoing maintenance, and support to navigate past that initial learning curve, we have you covered.

For those who prefer their training on paper, we also provide a quick-start guide with every installation manual. Whereas for those who require additional support, we can provide ongoing monitoring and care of your systems. This includes general cleaning and software updates as needed.

At MDfx, we believe quality aftercare is a must for any professional business. That’s why we go above and beyond to provide our customers with everything they need and more. To find out more about our consultancy, design, and installation services or to learn about our maintenance services for existing systems, contact us today via the form below.

2N Door Entry System


At MDfx, we believe that a hands-on approach is the best way to gain a greater understanding of the systems we provide. We achieve this by giving our home automation installation and management teams their own personal control systems, which enables them to experience and understand them from the user’s perspective. We also regularly participate in industry and supplier training.


Having established ourselves as one of the most efficient and bespoke smart home installation companies the UK, we have been recognised for our work, winning awards for our high standards and the creativity of our services. Most recently, we won the Control4 awards at the Integrated Systems Exhibitions (ISE) in Amsterdam, where we were one of the only AV dealers in Europe to walk away with more than one award.

& Care

We design and install all of our systems to operate with efficiency, without fault, and in a way that makes them easy to use and understand. With that said, we do host training sessions to ensure that our clients get the best out of their system and are able to familiarise themselves with all of its functions.


Managing Directors

Marvin Dudziec

With an extensive background in Systems Architecture, Marvin co-founded MDfx with Simon to deliver intelligently designed and robust smart home automation installations and solutions.

Simon Perks

Before he and Marvin co-founded MDfx, Simon started his career as an engineer and climbed up the ladder to become a lead programmer. Thanks to his experience and knowledge of both fields, he is very much the brains behind our innovative, user-friendly systems.

Meet The team

At MDfx, we strive to provide our clients with the most advanced and bespoke home automation technology. But it’s the dedication, ingenuity and expertise of our team (combined, we have over 100 years of industry experience!) that sets us apart from our competitors and makes us one of leading the smart home installation companies in the UK, nay, in Europe!

Senior programmer

Stephen (Ted) Ladd

Having originally joined the team as a lead programmer, Ted is now a project manager, enjoying the mix of client liaison and seeing projects through to fruition. His dual role at MDfx allows us to benefit from his vast technical know-how as well as his interpersonal prowess.   

Senior engineer

Kurtis Hambidge

Kurtis started out as a Junior Engineer here at MDfx 10 years ago, and is now a fully fledged Engineer. He has a huge passion for music and technology so he’s extremely passionate about  installing AV and bespoke home cinemas. He also gets involved with programming for Control4 and Lutron.


Jake Rothwell

Jake is one of our two new apprentices joining the engineering team. He brings with him a fresh perspective and hunger for knowledge to our dynamic company, and is eager to embark on a journey of growth and skill development alongside his passion for playing football.


Yuvraj Sidhu

Driven by a fascination of smart technology, Yuvraj is our second new apprentice. He displays a remarkable aptitude for problem-solving and a keen interest in the intricacies of engineering. Outside of the engineering realm, Yuvraj is an avid gamer and boxer, so we make sure we’re extra nice to him! 

service and marketing Manager

Lisa Hill

Lisa joined our team in April 2023. With over 18 years of Graphic Design and Marketing experience she has joined our team to add to our marketing content due to increased workload. Lisa will also be reaching out to new clients and making sure that our current customers are well and truly looked after.

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