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Audio Visual Design & Install​

Our team at MDfx are specialists in Audio Visual design.

Our team at MDfx are specialists in Audio Visual design and integration of audio-visual systems in residential and commercial applications. From background music systems, to full blown home theatres, our team of experts in Audio Visual design are here to meet your specific needs. Utilising our staff’s extensive experience, a wealth of knowledge within the industry and the support from our trusted suppliers, we are able to identify your specific needs and provide the most appropriate equipment when it comes to Audio Visual design.

Audio Visual Design & Install​ London
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Family Home Theatre Room - Home Cinema Install London

Tailormade Just For You

We design home cinemas to fit any room.

Our home cinema  room systems give a truly blockbuster experience in the comfort of your own home. Home cinema systems can come in many different forms. It might be a big wall-mounted screen in your living room with surround sound speakers, or a dedicated screen room complete with a projector and a popcorn dispenser. Whatever your choice, MDfx provides the technology and the planning you need to take your home-viewing experience to the next level.

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Tv's & Projectors

Picture quality - like the director intended. We use best in class projectors to reproduce your picture.


Fully immerse yourself in our top of the range sound system, taking your home cinema experience the next step with fully immersive 360º audio.

Video Walls

Not only will the visually stunning displays attract guests with vibrant images, you can inform your guests about limited-time promotions on hotel amenities.

Video Conference System

One touch simplicity from huddle room, to trading room and 24/7 support anywhere you may be. .

Interactive Boards

Having a large Interactive Whiteboard with dynamic touchscreen capabilities and on-the-spot file sharing and note-taking to conduct their meetings.

What MDfx Can Offer You

Smart Speaker Installation system for flawless home Audio

Control your wireless home speaker system throughout your home

Our home speaker systems are completely wireless. We can connect your devices and speakers via a cable-free and intelligent system that can be controlled from the palm of your hand. Whether you want to change your playlist while entertaining, turn up the radio while you relax or increase the volume of your home cinema system during a hgh-octane car chase, our smart speaker system lets you easily control your audio. You have the power to decide when and where your high-quality audio plays, all at the touch of a button.

A Smart Speaker System Tailored to You

Like all of our smart home solutions, our smart audio system is designed with your taste in mind. Our team will ask you about your preferences and requirements to ensure that any technology we install complements the style and look of your home. MDfx installations take into account the aesthetic design of your space, so whether you want discreet speakers for multi-purpose rooms or a substantial speaker set for your home cinema guaranteed to wow guests, our team will design a system and use devices that satisfy your needs.

Crisp Audio Throughout your home, Whatever the occasion

MDfx wireless speaker systems ensure that you have crisp, high-quality audio, regardless of what you’re doing. Our speaker networks come together within one easily controlled system so that you can take charge of your audio wherever you are. Want to put on a morning playlist to get you amped for the working day? With our smart speaker systems, you can roll out of bed and have your music greet you as you make your morning cup of coffee.

High end Bowers and Wilkons Speakers