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Smart Home Automation - Control4
Smart Home Automation - Control4

But what do we mean by Smart home automation (or office automation)?

Home automation is when different technologies and systems are integrated together into a single control system. This control system can then automatically control another without you explicitly having to request every action... Let's paint you a few scenarios - scroll down!

Scenario 1

Movie Night with the family

You're in the home cinema room with your family watching a movie and the doorbell rings. You pause your movie using your home control app on your device (phone or tablet), this automatically triggers the navigation lights. You answer the door bell using the video feed on your smartphone to see who’s at the door and speak to them remotely. Then when you press play the lights automatically fade off as you enjoy the rest of the movie.

MDfx Home Cinema Design

Scenario 2

Environmental Control

It's 10am and you've programmed the blinds to automatically open at that time everyday. You notice It's a nice sunny day so you open a window in the bedroom to let in some air. The system automatically turns down the heating in the room to save wasting energy.

Smart Home Automation - Lutron Blinds

Scenario 3

On Holiday - or stuck at the airport...

Imagine being stuck in the airport, or having a flight cancelled or delayed, and worry begins to enter your mind; Did I remember to arm the house’s security system? Did I leave the garage door open? What if I come home next week to discover that the heater has been blaring the entire time? With the Smart Home app on your phone you are able to access all of these systems and make sure they are turned off. Better yet, set the lighting to switch on for a time period in the evening and the blinds to open in the mornings to make it seem like someone is present in the house...this will add to your home security and deter unwanted visitors.

Smart Home Automation - Lutron Lighting and Control4 smart home Security

Here is an example at one of
our premium properties

Home automation in the spa area of one of our most premium properties. Notice that once the TV is turned off, the lights automatically switch on whilst the screen begins to roll up as it is no longer in use...before one of our engineers, Ted, interrupts the demonstration...thanks Ted!


The three most intuitive and powerful home automation systems on the market: Lutron, Crestron and Control4. As approved dealer and system integrator for all three leading systems, we are able to always recommend the solution that most perfectly fits your needs.

Smart Home Automation - Lutron Lighting and Control4 smart home Security Crestron Automated smart Home

What Can be automated?

A home automation system is an all in one set up that brings elements of domestic security into one control app. For instance, an integrated home security system can include, but is not limited to; Lighting control, door entry systems, fitted alarm systems, CCTV, multi-room audio and video and window blinds – all of which can be controlled from a single app on your chosen device from wherever you are.

We don’t add to your confusing technology. On the contrary, we make sure that our installations provide you with a control system that is more simple and effective to use than ever before.

Want to know more? Download our Complete guide to Smart Home automation!

If you are thinking about adding smart devices to your home then this guide to smart homes and home automation will give you a good basic understanding of how smart devices are connected and how they are controlled.

Latest Projects

MDfx Within are leading experts in Smart Homes and Home Automation and we have worked on various size projects with different budgets. We have over 13 years of experience, and are sure we will be able to find the best solution for you.  Have a look at some of our projects below to see what you can achieve in your own automated home!
Halo Firmware v1.6 - Control4
Control4 User Interface
Control4 Update 3.4

NEW Control4 update!
OS 3.4.0 - A Major Enhancement in user experience

How To Turn Your Home Into A Smart Home?

If you’d like to know more about our smart home automation solutions, do not hesitate to contact us. We have years of practical experience and we’ll be more than happy to advise you on any aspect of your project.

We can then arrange a visit to your home to understand your requirements and give you an initial design concept for your project. We offer all this for free and without any obligations.

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