Designed to Disappear with MDFX Ltd

Sonance Invisible Speakers and Subwoofers - MDFX Ltd
14.05.2024 - Designed to Disappear with MDFX Ltd

14.05.2024 - Designed to Disappear with MDFX Ltd

No Compromise On Your Designs

We’re continuing to delve into products that work seamlessly with your designs and aesthetics, or in this case, completely hidden!

Sonance has been at the forefront of innovative audio solutions for decades, and their invisible speakers and subwoofers are no exception. These products are designed to provide high-quality sound without compromising the aesthetics of a space. Here’s a closer look at Sonance’s invisible speakers and subwoofers:

Sonance invisible speaker at MDFX

Motion Flex

Sonance’s invisible speakers are engineered to be installed within walls or ceilings, blending seamlessly into the surrounding environment.

Unlike traditional speakers that require visible grilles, these speakers are concealed beneath the surface, delivering sound through the wall or ceiling material itself.

This allows for a clean, clutter-free look in any room without sacrificing audio performance.

These speakers utilise advanced technologies such as flat-panel drivers and Sonance Constant Directivity Crossover (CDX) technology. This provides a clearer and broader coverage over a conventional ceiling speaker, often resulting in the need for fewer speakers,

They’re often used in applications where traditional speaker placement is impractical or undesirable, such as in high-end interior designs.

Invisible Subwoofers

Installing subwoofers into the wall is not a new concept. But being able to successfully install and finish a high-performance subwoofer into a surface with zero visual impact is unique.

They provide powerful bass response without visible enclosures. These subwoofers are typically installed within walls, ceilings, or under floors, utilising the structural cavities of the building to enhance bass performance.

Sonance’s invisible speakers and subwoofers offer a compelling solution for those seeking high-quality audio performance without sacrificing the aesthetics of their living space.

Whether for residential or commercial applications, these innovative audio solutions exemplify Sonance’s commitment to excellence in both design and sound engineering.

'See' These Products For Yourselves!

The Showroom Experience is a must-see! It is the perfect opportunity for Architects, Designers and Property Developers to immerse themselves in this amazing showroom in Basingstoke.

The Showroom offers you and your clients the chance to experience all of these products, and many more, in a complete solution surrounded by residential comforts.

You’ll leave with fresh ideas to integrate new technology, adding fun to future projects while knowing it won’t spoil your design vision.

To book your place for The Showroom Experience please contact Lisa at MDFX to arrange a date.

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Sonance Invisible Speakers and Subwoofers - MDFX Ltd

Designed to Disappear with MDFX Ltd

No Compromise On Your Designs We’re continuing to delve into products that work seamlessly with your designs and aesthetics, or in this case, completely hidden!

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