Which smart home technology will increase your property’s value?

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There are now thousands of products on the market that can make your home “smarter”, and almost a quarter of Brits already own more than one smart home device.

Being able to control all aspects of your home, from door locks to heating and lighting to security alarm systems, at the touch of a button and without even having to be there is no longer seen as a futuristic luxury but a convenient, everyday reality for a growing number of households in the UK.

A recent survey from YouGov found that 23% of Brits had more than one smart home device, the most popular technology was smart speakers, of which 11% of people had at least one.

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Smart speakers:

These internet-connected speakers not only let you listen to music from streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music in your home, but they also come with a voice assistant built-in that can control your smart home gadgets. So rather than reaching for your smartphone, you can ask Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri (depending upon which brand of smart speaker you have) to control the devices for you. Even better, they can control several brands of smart home gadgets at the same time, so you don’t need to stick to one manufacturer.

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Smart Thermostat & Lighting

Smart thermostats and lighting were the next most popular items to be installed in people’s homes, owned by 8% and 5% of Brits respectively, and these are gadgets that can be used to save some serious money. Being able to adjust your heating, as well as your lighting, remotely can cut energy bills as you can turn things off if you are not going to be there much more easily than using a manual timer.

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Smart thermostats:

Made up of two components (a module that is wired into your boiler and the thermostat that replaces any existing thermostat you already have) a smart thermostat makes your boiler smart so you can turn the heating on or off even when you’re not at home. Most manufacturers recommend professional installation, by one of their approved installers.

Lutron lighting smart home control system

Smart Lighting:

Using systems like the Lutron HomeWorks QS can start producing results from the moment you open the door to your first potential buyers. With boundless lighting control options and unique styles, you can create unique, customisable lighting scenes for each room, creating a big first impression as you show off that property in the best possible light. This is not all just for show, Intelligent lighting control comes with some positive, tangible benefits that make them an attractive proposition to buyers. Efficient use of Lutron Lighting can help your buyers reduce the amount of electricity they use on lighting by as much as 50%, making it a worthwhile addition to attract the eco-conscious buyer.

Smart Fire & Security:

One of the more obvious product categories to leave behind when moving home is the alarm, surveillance, and security system. And, when all linked together, they can act as complete package that could well be enticing for tech-savvy buyers.

Smart home safety and security - Fire safety and Security

Wi-fi security cameras

Initially these might not seem like a smart home gadget, after all they are just a CCTV system that records video inside or outside your home and alerts your smartphone if motion is detected so you can log-in live and see what is happening. But they can be useful when it comes to creating automated routines designed to deter burglars. For example, if the camera picks up motion on your driveway, a smart light could be automatically switched on giving the impression that someone is home.


Remote locking systems are also very popular. These allow you to lock and unlock doors with your phone – for example to let someone in remotely, or to ensure you have locked the door behind you after you have left.

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Motorised Blinds:

It is unlikely that any smart motorized blinds you install in your current home will fit your new property. So, while spending (in many cases) a significant of money on something you leave behind may sound painful, new buyers will likely pay a premium for a home with such a luxury item installed. No doubt reminding buyers of a five-star hotel, smart blinds from the likes of Lutron, can be controlled via their own remotes, or by using a smartphone or smart speaker running Alexa or Google Assistant. Many systems can also be automated to raise and lower during the day, or when you depart and arrive at the property.

Smart Irrigation:

A smart irrigation system is something you might also plan on leaving behind when you move house – and it also acts as a great way to sell the garden to new buyers. Smart irrigation provides the ability to monitor either local weather conditions or the actual ground moisture level. Thus, smart irrigation systems automatically adjust watering schedules according to the actual needs of the garden.

Landscape automatic garden watering system with different sprinklers installed under turf. Landscape design with lawn hills and fruit garden irrigated with smart autonomous sprayers at sunset time.

In Britain, people are beginning to have a firmer grasp of the smart technology they desire and would be willing to actively use in their home. Looking into the future, with the integration of smart home devices expected to become a real incentive for prospective buyers/renters, the technology could play a fundamental role in increasing the overall value of properties.

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