Are electric blinds really worth it? Here are three impactful ways they can upgrade your home!

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When it comes to visions of the smart home, your smart electric blinds rolling up to reveal the sunrise is pretty much peak future living. Electric blinds and shades are one of the most beneficial smart home luxuries.

There are a vast array of different options open to those looking to control blinds and shades remotely – and as you’d expect, compatibility with the latest voice assistants including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri via Apple HomeKit are all possible.

However, choosing from the vast amount of options, and then installing, the best smart blinds isn’t an easy task. If you’re doing it properly, you’ll need to look into using an established brand and really get a bespoke option – and we’re not just talking about colour and size, and whether it fits inside your window frame, or over the top.

Motorised Automated Blinds & Shades

We get it, not everyone is comfortable or convinced about having smart home appliances or technology within their homes. Some ask if it is actually necessary to be ‘connected’ in a space meant for unwinding and unplugging. Which brings us to “smart shades,” and even though you might not think these should be on the must have list, it is a luxury that is not only convenient, but also energy efficient.

Unlike some home tech features, they do not scream “digital,” especially since there are thousands of natural fabrics to choose from – go for a soft linen for a subtle look. At MDfx Within we partner with Lutron and Crestron and are certified installers. Wondering if smart shades are really worth it? Here are three impactful ways they can upgrade your home life.

Lutron Electric Blind Automated Blinds and Shades installation by mdfx within


Having beautiful large windows that let a flood of light in is ideal in a family home for many reasons, but opening and closing all of those heavy blinds will be a real chore. With Lutron electric blinds and shades, you can operate all the blinds with one tap, using the keypads or remote, the app, or voice control. For voice control, all you have to do is integrate with Alexa or Google Home. (“Alexa, I need some privacy!”). And best of all, the window treatments look clean and minimal and you do not have to do any work!

Lutron Electric Blind Automated Blinds and Shades installation by mdfx within in formal dining room
Lutron Electric Blind Automated Blinds and Shades in open plan

When using the app, you can open and close the electric blinds whenever you want to, but you can also automate them for serious convenience. For instance, you can create a “good morning” scene where all of your bedroom electric blinds or shades rise at 7:00 a.m. and schedule that to play every week day, not weekends, so that natural light will wake you up. (Bonus: Using light to cue your body to wake and sleep is a research-proven way to develop better sleep habits for better overall health.)

Or how about scheduling your electric blinds to definitely be closed during your favourite weekly show, for a guaranteed no-glare situation? You can make it happen! Another way automating your electric blinds can help you is by creating the appearance of someone being at home. If you are away or on holiday for however long, by scheduling one blind to open during the week, this can help in getting some natural light in to keep your indoor plants alive, or even better, When something about your home changes, be it a light or the position of your shades, it makes it appear as if someone has recently been in the home. This could make it less of a target and deter any unwanted visitors and burglars.

furniture protection

Electric blinds and shades also protect your furniture and artwork from fading from sun damage. I mean, if you had to close them manually every time you left the house, would you bother? (Speaking for myself: I Probably wouldn’t!)

When the sun comes through your windows, it may provide a comfy patch for your cat to sleep in, but over time it can wash out all of the vibrant colours that find themselves in its path. While you certainly do not want to live in a dark space, lowering your electric blinds during the brightest part of the day can prolong the life of your furniture, rugs, and even your wall paint! Sentimental family photos will also be protected from unintentional ageing.

Lutron Electric Blind Automated Blinds and Shades in dining room

Energy Savings

Yes, installing electric blinds and shades definitely comes at a price, but they can also help you bring down energy costs in your home. The shades have optional sun sensors and can adapt their behaviour to what is happening outside to help you control energy costs more efficiently. For instance in Winter, leverage the heat of the sun to warm your home and you may find yourself very happy with the savings! Your motorised blinds provide you with a quick and convenient way to save energy and money, all while creating a more pleasant home environment.

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