MDfx optimising building automation for great ROI

MDfx optimising building automation for great ROI
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Energy savings can exceed any cost premiums associated with design and construction within a reasonable payback period. As the workforce evolves; values of younger generations to saving the planet are driving demand for automated buildings. We know of hurdles: Implementation, Government regulation and Retrofitting older buildings. But MDfx is developing around these demands: “Investment in clean tech infrastructure makes financial sense – it reduces operational costs in the long-term for a commercial building owner.”
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MDfx 5 ways to more sustainable buildings

Energy storage :

The new vital feature for sustainable buildings: Coupled with renewable energy generation, this not only helps stabilise electrical grids, but provides clean energy at lower costs. 

Still emerging – Electric vehicles charging infrastructure will be integrated into building energy systems, enabling parked vehicles to be used as battery storage. So energy storage is the huge opportunity for building owners and investors to increase overall efficiency and the shift to renewable energy, Saving money on energy costs.

Energy Storage Systems

Smart sensors :

MDfx sensors detecting office occupancy will make a critical difference to energy efficiency by optimising lighting and the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC). MDfx Efficient Energy Management is about being live, intelligent and actionable so companies monitoring staff occupancy with areas not overusing energy.

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AI-powered windows :

MDfx Energy-efficient building designs make use of natural light – and smart glass in the windowpanes enables greater control over daylight, heat and glare.
AI powered smart windows - future windows

Automation-driven HVAC :

smart HVAC Systems installed by MDfx Within

MDfx AI-solutions for managing buildings fitted out with sensors can significantly improve one of the greatest potential sources of energy inefficiency – HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning). MDfx are working with companies enabling remote monitoring to maintain indoor air quality while reducing energy consumption. Responding to real-time factors managing multiple tenants, businesses and operations with MDfx, smart systems are interacting effectively for energy consumption throughout the space. Healthy buildings are creating comfortable environments: Reducing air temperature by ½ ℉ and controlling air temperature in increments ½ ℉ instead of the typical 2-3 ℉ degree, buildings are more efficient. Physical space temperature maintained at a stable temperature creating thermal massing.

Sensor-based motors :

Air-conditioning, fridges, fans, computer and elevators are responsible for large amounts of wasted energy, as well as higher costs. MDfx Internet-enabled motors contain sensors monitoring operations to ensure motors run efficiently, slashing energy usage to not only reduce costs but also emissions, contributing to a building’s shift to net-zero carbon. An office maintained at 72℉ ensures everything else furniture, drywall, ceilings, the water in the water cooler will be 72℉: This is thermal equilibrium. Once reached it takes less energy to maintain 72℉ air temperature target. MDfx AI can help with this, saving money and service calls.

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