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Energy Efficient Smart Lighting – Saving Energy In Style

In a world where climate change is in the forefront of our minds, our energy efficient smart lighting means you can still do you your bit for the environment. But you will never have to compromise on style.

With stunning smart lighting designs, beautifully crafted keypads and sleek thermostats, our Simple, Discreet, Robust mantra means that our systems work, they’re easy to use and they blend in beautifully whatever your décor.

Due to the way a Creston or Lutron lighting control system works, huge amounts of energy can be saved throughout the home, especially when coupled with our LED lights–the difference can be eye opening.

At MDfx we are able to have sensors linked to your energy efficient smart lighting so that it can intelligently allocate lighting automatically, depending on the room you are in at a certain time.

Those with a busy lifestyle can programme their thermostat on the go. Or if you have a regular routine, smart heating controls can learn your routine and ensure your home is only warm when it needs to be. Even controlling your automated blinds and shades at specific times to keep heat in, or let it out.

This energy saving can also feed into the overall energy plan for the home, making planning permission for your dream home more achievable.

Contact The MDfx Team to see how we can help transform your house into a more energy efficient home.