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Hamilton Case Study: Take a Journey Through this Incredible Smart Home


This property underwent a complete rebuild including the digging out of the basement, a project which took over 5 years to complete including the design. We were brought in to design and install the automation for this incredible home and were involved in the project right from the design phase to ensure all technology solutions throughout the house would work together seamlessly.

Take a journey through the house to get a taste of the Smart experience.

As you drive up to your property, you choose whether to the use the keypad entry system, or the Crestron touch panels to open your automated gates. Through the Crestron system you also have a quick look through the CCTV cameras throughout the house. Is that your youngest sneaking some biscuits?

As you drive through the front, the lights automatically adjust on the lawn and you decide to turn on the water feature through the Crestron system.  You’ve got a few guests coming for dinner tonight, so you turn the Bowers & Wilkins speakers on in the garden to create a good ambience. Entering the house, you use the telecom system to remind the kids that guests are coming (and a quick scold about the biscuits). A quick scan of the room- how about a bit of warmth? You turn on two fireplaces with your Crestron control. You carry your work stuff upstairs, the automatic doors sliding open so you don’t have to put anything down.

You’ve now eaten with your family and guests, and need some chill out time.  You all head down to the basement where the kids want to watch Frozen on your home cinema. A JVC projector drops out of the ceiling in a Future Automation projector lift and a Vutec Lectric 2 countersunk projector screen drops out of the ceiling as you touch a button. The song Let It Go sounds great on your flush in-wall Bowers & Wilkins LCR7’s with a Bowers and Wilkins PV1 subwoofer!

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Time for a swim! Also on the basement level is a large pool which has a steam room, a Crestron controlled water-fall feature, a bar area with 65″ Panasonic TV and Automated doors which require keypad code for entry which ensures children do not use the pool unattended. It’s reassuring that these doors also have an emergency open function in case of emergency in the pool which sounds an alarm throughout the house and activates all of the Crestron panels to displays the camera in the pool.


The spouse is in the gym by the pool, so you decide have to treat yourself in the massage and beauty room, with the Bowers & Wilkins in-ceiling speakers making the experience that little bit more relaxing. As you head up for bed, you remember that the children always forget to close their blinds- you click a button and they automatically close for you. Now for a bit of Grand Designs in bed. The bedroom has a box at the end of the bed with a Loewe television hidden inside which rises up at the touch of a button, but you decide to switch on the big TV, which is hidden behind artwork above the fireplace. At the touch of a button, the artwork rises up to reveal the television and you settle down, thinking how easy your evening has been with Smart technology.


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