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Home CCTV installation has quickly become one of the most asked for systems this year.

CCTV has become one of the most important ways of capturing, deterring and driving away crime, next to intruder alarms. This smart home security option brings a whole array of cameras and accessories to the market. There are lots of options to suit everyone, but it can be quite overwhelming and asks a lot of questions.

Here are some questions to help get you started:

  • Why do I need home CCTV cameras?
  • What am I trying to capture?
  • Will this be for deterrent or covert use?
  • Where and how will I fit the CCTV cameras?
  • What cables do I have or need to install and how do I conceal them so that they do not become vulnerable or an eyesore?
  • Do the CCTV cameras need to be vandal resistant?
  • Which style of CCTV camera would work best? Dome, bullet or covert?
  • Is lens size important and do I require a fixed, varifocal or pan and tilt?
  • How can IR help and at what distance do I need to cover?
  • What is the difference between analogue, TVI and IP and which suits my needs and budget?
  • What MP resolution do I need?
  • Should I record the images and which recorder is right for me?
  • How much CCTV footage do I need to record?
  • How do I want to see the CCTV cameras? On a dedicated monitor, through an app on my phone or tablet, or through my television?
  • Would it be helpful to see the footage when I’m away from the property?
  • Could I be alerted by text or email when someone walks within a boundary setup on my cameras?
  • Do I need remote monitoring, so that the footage can be verified live for the police to respond?
  • How will I backup the footage as a failsafe?
  • Do I need to continue recording should the power fail?
  • Will I be recording public areas and what restrictions do I have?
  • Do I need to trigger events from the camera, such as lights turning on?

Hopefully, these questions will help to put you on track to choosing the right components or having a conversation with a home CCTV installer. If you would like some help from our certified team, who typically stop clients from trawling the internet for products, wasting their money on equipment that doesn’t work and having a mess of wires and parts, please do not hesitate to get in touch on 01895 262600.


A selection of CCTV cameras
A range of Hikvision CCTV cameras


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  1. Jessica

    I wish that you answered all below questions so that I could know how to install highest!

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