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You’ve heard of a Smart Home. What about a Smart Garden?

With the rise in popularity of smart home automation, there has been increased interest in the installation of smart garden systems. You can find a proliferation of ‘smart’ garden gadgets, however all these individual gadgets can become fussy and confusing. Proper smart garden automation should be seamlessly integrated to combine lighting, sprinklers, and audio into one system. Sensor technology is now available to automate lighting and temperature depending on the surroundings, as well as protect your property with perimeter alarm systems – a valuable smart home security option. So, all you have to do is sit down, relax, and watch the sunset.


Here are some of our top tips for integrating smart garden technology

1.  Thinking about a garden party this summer? New technology means that when your audio system senses more bodies in the garden, the volume of the music will increase. With a calmer atmosphere, the volume will decrease, allowing you to chill out with some relaxing background music. Whether you want rave or romantic, smart technology can help.

2. Lighting can change the entire atmosphere of your garden. Sophisticated lighting systems can now detect the amount of natural light available and accommodate appropriately. These systems have energy efficient settings, keeping your garden at optimum lighting level, whilst saving electricity. A successful garden relies on the sophistication and convenience of lighting that integrates itself within the architecture. For instance, bouncing light off tall structures can create a feeling of space and depth, whilst back-lighting feature objects can create an artistic dramatic look. Also consider the hues of light used; communal areas look inviting bathed in warm light, whilst white light looks great as garden edging. A combination of long and short beams gives a sense of vastness, and why not use a few mirrors to reflect your beautifully lit garden.


3. Water features like fountains and sprinklers now have sophisticated solar powered systems to avoid water wastage and ensure upkeep is convenient and affordable. One amazing feature of smart garden technology is a tiny sensor that can be buried in the soil, to measure and analyse moisture and nutrients. Your smart irrigation system built into the garden can respond to deficiencies, or with one simple click you can top up your roses yourself, anywhere from the living room or your holiday in Hawaii. If you can, position your water feature in a sunlit area, both for solar power purposes and the increased oxygenation of the water. Think about the material and texture when choosing your fountain as it will impact the way the water cascades and thus alter the relaxing water sounds echoed in your garden.

4. Install one centralised smart garden system. Control all these factors from one discrete hub or from your mobile phone, instead of dealing with multiple plugs, sockets, buttons, and remote controls. No faffing, just one switch to turn your garden into the stylish, warmly lit, relaxing space that you desire.

Smart garden automation systems can drastically improve the style and mood of your garden area, so get in touch on 01895 262600 or contact us to explore your options.

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